About Us

Tirupati Montessori School (TMS) under the administrative control of Science Education Research and Rural Development Association a Non-Government Organization was started by the visionary Dr. Surendra Bahadur Singh. At the time of startup (Year), after a thorough survey and analyzing the local economic condition it was observed that the education in the local area was only dependent on two private and local government school and all of them were highly crowded. Therefore, it was utmost requirement of initiative for inclusive education system in the adjoining area of Lucknow (UP), India.

Accordingly, as per the governing body, it was decided to open up a school in the area to set up an infrastructure wherein a facility for modern education, including Computers, biotechnology, Smart Classes, Modern Laboratory practices and others innovative and practical education may be imparted to the students of all the classes of the society without much burden on their parents.

With the advent of time the school has been upgraded to the various facilities such as smart classes, interactive classes with the audio and visual appliances for the regular academics and other extra co-curricular activities where emphasis on the sports, cultural, musical and other activities.

The school has also recognized for its effort in the field of Science and Technology and has awarded a prestigious Project “Foldscope” by the Department of BioTechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, which is a matter of pride for us.